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 Learn the new term begins, we will have a new plan, is the so-called time like rolling river, gone forever. Now we have from the children of the ignorance of youth, youth who to a higher, in the past year, we learned a lot when we are in elementary school learn new knowledge, at the same time we also because of his hard enough and a lot of knowledge.

 In the new school year, we should draw lessons and establish new goals, new development, we will with brand-new posture, full of spirit, enough energy into learning. To be positive and optimistic attitude to face the new challenge, we need to know "no pains, no gains".

 Shelley once said that the phrase "the past belongs to death, and that the future belongs to yourself," we want to in the new semester, to the new look in the face of a new life, we will make their own tomorrow, work hard for their own future, to write a glorious chapter in life.

 The classmates, we are in grade one of high school students, we should understand that we grew up, is no longer the child what all don't understand, we're going to use gratitude to experience growing happiness, learn to grow, to create a happy learning of learn to cherish, cherish life in happiness. To know the respect teachers, dear parents. Must set up with others in the heart, the collective, the feelings of the motherland. To self-love, self-esteem, self-respect, self-improvement. In the new semester to improve academic performance, improve the good study method, strive to get better results in the new semester, learn more of a person.

 Lenin said that "to judge a person, not according to his own profession or opinion of himself, but according to his actions." The classmates, let us use a firm ideal, sailed in the new semester, overcome difficulties, more outstanding achievements, to create a better tomorrow for themselves.








 Maupassant said: "the person lives with hope, a hope dashed or implemented, there will be a new hope." Spring Festival is the new hope, new hope, new journey, new harvest. The new semester, new beginning, new look, let's look forward to a better tomorrow, let's go again!

 New semester arrived, then you will have a new plan, plan to me? Actually, I'm going to like others.

 1, to respect teachers, unite classmates, love Labour, love the class, consciously abide by the regulations of the school and class's and grade's.

 2, in the new semester, guarantee the fight with classmates. Love sports, ensure that you have a strong body.

 3, to finish all the homework, teacher assigned to do meticulous. The assignments, the classroom is complete; Assignments and homework, but also on time.

 4, when the class starts, I'm listening don't do little affectations, chatting with classmates, to strive for the teacher in the classroom, all knowledge digestion.

 Do this, is not enough, I also hope I can got a good result on the placement test. I know, it is difficult to do this very difficult, but as long as you stick to it, never quit, it will become very easy.

 I know, everyone thought is not the same, because, each to his own, different goals. Now I gradually grew up, my new goal is not to do what a great man, what also don't want to be the artist, nor into scientific giants. But after be brought up to go to a good university, find a steady job. In their ordinary positions for the country, for society to make extraordinary things, contribute an own strength, this is enough.

 Everybody has the way frequently as the diameter, but learning the hard work. Let us work together to explore the unknown, towards their goals, press forward!












 How time flies, time flies, the New Year's drum has been far away from us, the god of time, quietly slipped through my face, unconsciously, has been opening for two weeks. The sun shines on the ground, hung a little bit of blue sky white clouds, the birds chirp, the arrival of the new term, means that the new atmosphere is coming.

 Looked back on a semester, is really "mix the past!" At the time of the final exam, fell off a cliff, in this summer vacation I suffered ridicule and scold, so I careers, must enrich this semester!

 Last class last semester finished, everybody gaudy, cheering, laughing, but all this in my eyes is dazzling, and the moon came out, cold, colored or fruit fork in the dark night sky, in the elementary school graduation, I secretly determined, be sure to get rid of the bad carelessness, can not think, on the middle school, careless the stumbling block, also real under my feet, also fell for that several big top.

 Midterm exam papers sent down, 86 points! Dazzling and bright red Numbers into my eyes, when I sit down and check a mock into my ears, turned out to be the monitor, the proud look, her eyes made me angry, but helpless, the questions in the examination paper most unexpectedly I have to do, because of carelessness lost points, ah... I lost in thought!